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Fatgraffix is forever scanning the horizons in search of the new and the novel... for things as yet unseen and unknown. Hence find Fatgraffix on the cutting edge of design and the arts, and also the sciences and technology... see what Fatgraffix is doing now!


FatGraffix Explores Ol' Los Angeles

Hollywood Paladium SignarrowSummer 2008 — For years FatGraffix has been archiving old signage, architecture and other historical relics from around the Los Angeles empire. With high-rez digital cam in hand and an eye for capturing the perfect still, FatGraffix hopes to archive old L.A. in pixels for generations to come.

Look for publication of these images on the upcoming website — coming soon!

FatGraffix Collaborates with WeirdoDeluxe

Weirdo Deluxe Logoarrow2007-2008 — FatGraffix is in talks with writer and art historian Matt Dukes Jordan — author of Weirdo Deluxe: The Wild World of Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow Art — for the production of a website dedicated to the history of the American low-brow art movement. Matt's current focus is a self-published book on L.A.'s venerable writer Charles Bukowski entitled Bukowski's LA. — said to be a guide book on Bukowski's favorite hangouts in LA. How cool is that?

Matt writes a blog on the low brow arts and other musings at WordPress. Look for publication of his website coming!

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